Welcome to the Old City of Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Development Authority presents you with an audio tour guide for the independent tourist - free of charge.

The audio tour takes us on a pleasant trip on foot through the alleyways of the Old City of Jerusalem for an exciting journey through time to the core of the city that has been a religious and spiritual center for thousands of years, to which the hearts and eyes of millions of believers and lovers are drawn.

We will walk through the ancient quarters on 21 different tours, and explore the synagogues, churches, mosques, and points of historic interest. We will stroll through the colorful markets, and enjoy the aromas and tastes of exotic local food. We will be moved by the Temple Mount, where the three religions meet in a single focal point. We will visit the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Dome of the Rock, the Garden Tomb, and many other places of major religious significance. Experiences of water, nature, walking on the Old City walls, architecture, and more, are also interwoven in the exciting variety of tours available to you.

About all of these and other things – we will hear, learn, and experience in the audio tours provided for you and your enjoyment.


All the tours on this site are accompanied by fascinating vocal explanations, maps, pictures, and accurate vocal guiding, providing user-friendly assistance to help you navigate the Old City streets easily, find the greatest attractions, and discover places hidden from sight.

Five of the tours are accessible to the handicapped, and offer alternative routes specially plotted by accessibility consultants, so that the sights of the Old City are not missed. All of these tours are also presented with a full audio transcription for the hard-of-hearing.

All of the tours can be downloaded from this website free of charge. You can listen to them before you arrive, and plan your visit accordingly. Of course, you can also use the audio tours when you get to the Old City, to help you tour throughout the Old City, with a variety of exciting routes.

The Jerusalem Development Authority wishes you a fascinating visit.



The tours are also available for downloading free of charge in iPhone and Android applications:

Download the Android English app

Download the iPhone English app